I no longer make this journey regularly but I was amused by the link between the brief annotation and the bus;  it’s the X53, a double decker which lumbers along the coast road between Axminster and Weymouth.  The return trip  takes around four hours, so you’d have to be keen on buses (or the Jurassic Coast) to try it for fun.  I took the shortened route of two hours, getting off in Bridport for a coffee and joining the second bus for the return trip.  If it’s a while since you travelled by bus you’d be pleasantly surprised by the X53,  its high-back faux leather seats and free wifi.  Actually the wifi doesn’t work but there’s quite a decent 4G phone signal through most of the route.


From a picture making standpoint it has the advantage of a quite unusual viewpoint.  Given that the vast majority of photographs are made from eye level, the enhanced height of the top deck offers a different perspective on the surroundings.  It’s also an opportunity to observe ‘over the fence’ into people’s gardens.  Technically the window glass can be troublesome but I’ve not made any attempt to overcome this, it is just part of the actuality.


This exercise follows on from the ‘reverse derive’  of Exercise 5.2 but instead of remaining motionless and watching the world go past. The motion is in the camera and the world remains relatively still.  There is  certainly a consistency in the pictures – the constraints of the bus impose a definite look to the results.