LO1 evidencing

LO1 demonstrate detailed knowledge of visual and conceptual strategies in the representation of people and cultures and be able to explore your own critical photographic projects


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Evidence LO1A   Assignment One  Anglican Bishops

Because I wanted to represent the subjects in as coherent a fashion as possible I needed to settle on a visual and conceptual strategy at the outset.  This could not be a try-out.  I couldn’t simply rely on the idea developing as individuals were photographed because this would probably lead to a noticeable variation in appearance which would detract from the overall feel.

As a visual strategy I wanted the subjects to appear self-contained – I did not want them to engage with the camera nor by extension, the viewer.  I wanted a contemplative feel and in contrast with much of the portraiture of clergy I found online, the eyeline had to be off camera.  Some of my notes from this project are seen below (click to enbiggen).

ass 1 notes



The choice of visual concept was affected by the constraints of time.  I had a limited window with each subject, self-imposed but I felt that by minimising the time needed I would be more likely to gain agreement.

The locations would determine the visual approach to a degree – I was unable to recce most of the settings, so I needed to keep things simple.  There might be the opportunity to work outside, but I couldn’t rely on it, so some lighting was needed.  I chose fairly simple battery flash in smaller modifiers.

The concept was likewise simple – the bishops would present a visual dichotomy, manifesting their elevated position alongside their normal humanity. I wanted to be able to see one symbol of the office – the ring.  I had asked them not to wear purple but some did – not too many to make it boring, I hope.

Evidence LO1B  Tutor led Zoom meeting on the Politics of Portraiture

Which led to some further research and writing on issues arising during the session along with observations on the work of some of the photographers.

Evidence LO1C   Eva O’Leary Exhibition    I examine some of the factors surrounding O’Leary’s representation of teenage girls; the technique she adopts; how the approach might influence the pictures.

Evidence LO1D  In a piece about Rineke Dijkstra I discuss her own visual strategy in her work with teenagers

Evidence LO1E A piece about the strategies adopted by Diane Arbus where I discuss both her own ethical orientation and some reactions to her work.