LO2 evidencing

LO2 demonstrate an awareness of the wider social and cultural contexts that surround the representation of cultures and identity, and be able to discuss relevant ethical perspectives in relation to your own practice


This page presents information about and links to the evidence.  To see the actual evidence, please click on the underlined links in blue.  Your browser back button will bring you back to this page.

Evidence LO2A    here I look at the ethical stance taken by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa in reviewing the book New Ways of Photographing the New Masai by Jan Hoek.   Stanley is comprehensively disparaging, suggesting that this book is an example of how NOT to work ethically.  

He clearly has strong views on the matter so I emailed him to ask if he could point me at an example of sound ethical practice and he obliged me with a link to Dana Lixenberg’s book Imperial Courts (2015).  I discuss Stanley’s  views in detail along with the work of Lixenberg


Evidence LO2B In Assignment One I made an ethical decision about whether to secure ‘model’ releases for the Anglican Bishops and came to a personal conclusion


Evidence LO2C can be found in Assignment Two as I negotiate an appropriate way to represent  a social theme with an ethical practice


Evidence LO2D for this criteria is a long-ish read at Hidden Groups where I examined some aspects of depicting those sectors of society who can easily remain hidden to photography and how an awareness of this might inform an ethical stance.