LO3 evidencing

LO3 explore and realise a range of ideas and creative starting points, and exercise judgement in the production of visual material


This page presents information about and links to the evidence.  To see the actual evidence, please click on the underlined links in blue.  Your browser back button will bring you back to this page.

Evidence LO3A  In Exercise 1.1 I wrote about the internal discussion I had over doing stranger portraits and  I note a number of possible starting points   (read from the red text onwards).  The decision wasn’t really made beforehand – it arose as a result of my responses to the people at the race, so it evolved during the exercise.

Evidence LO3B  is a set of exercises completed through coursework.  In each case I have written about how I have considered and refined different visual approaches to produce a piece of finished work.



And here

I would claim that every exercise which ended up as a set of pictures required a good deal of contemplation and judgement.  Things often didn’t end up as I intended, but at least they did end.