Under the Table

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If you’ve landed here after following the Facebook link, thank you and welcome!  For one of the projects in this course I have to ‘re-create a childhood memory’.  As a child of the fifties/early sixties I spent my fair share of time at knee height to the fashions of the day.  I was also a bit of a one for hiding under tables, so the photograph I want to make is a child’s eye view from under a table, looking out at adults from the hip down.

Ideally I’d like to get four or five people together, who have an interest in wearing fashion from this period, to spend an hour or so wearing their own garments similar to those above.  It doesn’t have to be chronologically accurate, just the right mood.  I haven’t arranged a location yet – I want to test the vintage water first!  But it would be Seaton/Sidmouth/Lyme area and I can do transport if needed.

As a ‘thank you’ I’ll do a portrait of you at the same time and make you a high quality A3 colour print from your choice of the work we do on the day.

I’m hoping to do this before 14th October.  If you’re interested in a collaboration like this please email me at: