Part One – reflection

This part of the module has challenged me to think carefully about the way that I approach assignments and to an extent coursework.  In everyday life I tend to approach ‘rules’ with skepticism, which is not to say a disregard.  Instead I prefer to look around, behind and under edicts – it is surprising what can be found.  Why, then, when it comes to directions and guidance for assignments, do I expect to have to follow them to the letter?  I think at this stage I am wary of straying from what I imagine to be the ‘true path’ and being marked down or otherwise penalised for so doing.

There is also some safety in sticking tightly to the brief.  It can offer a reassuring framework where expression is contained and channeled, thereby leading to a comfortably predictable outcome.

I think it would benefit me to take some side roads and see where they go.  Even if they lead nowhere at least I will have been somewhere else.