Childhood Memory

I have very little sense of my own history so this part of the module was always going to need some external assistance.  I’m aware that many of my childhood memories are ‘received’ memories, in that I have adopted them after hearing about events from other family members.  I didn’t want to appear as a child, which would obviously have necessitated coercing some poor eight year old to dress up in something utterly uncool. So I play me in the setup, albeit the contemporary me.  I’ve been told that I was very pleased to be dressed as a cowboy and was quite happy to sit and have my picture took, but things didn’t work out quite how the young lad might have hoped.  The comparison is quite plain and my current attire rather less exciting, although I do now live in Wild West Dorset, there the similarity ends.


The image does convey a sense of ‘reflection’ both literal and metaphoric.  I wanted to make it fairly accessible so no bizarre associations or impenetrable personal allusion.  It’s in b&w because the photograph (in the photograph) is monochrome.  We did have colour prints then, of course, it’s just that the world was black and white.


This colour photograph elicits some very fond memories, which I occasionally revisit with glee: