June 11th. Still on I&P part three

I’d hoped to continue on my previous timescale and submit for the June assessment but stuff got in the way.  I spent a lot of time on a personal project which collapsed at the very last moment;  I should have spread my efforts more evenly.  I should be able to submit part 3 for September, though, hopefully followed three months later by part 4.  After that I plan to be living in Spain so things may be a little chaotic.  As far as exhibitions go, I will be better off – the Spanish cultural scene supports photography quite keenly, especially in Madrid and Barcelona.  Although we are likely to be living in the campo these centres will be more accessible than London.

April 19th 2018 – I&P Part 3

Although this is titled part 3 it’s about the other parts as well.  I decided to switch tutors earlier in March.  The request got lost in the system but while I was waiting I did attend to several of the coursework items.

I decided not to slavishly work through the coursework in sequence, rather to take it on as a whole, keeping drafts of the different sections without committing them to the blog.  I haven’t done the assignments out of sequence, but I keep a OneNote page for each of them, adding ideas and thoughts as they occur.

I think this is helpful – considering the module in the round.  I have often found that learning relating to one part influences thought in another and this doesn’t always happen in sequence.

I’m still hoping to submit I&P for the June assessment event.