SO Part Five – Tutor Report and Response

Andy Webster - 516057 - Photography 2 The Self and the Other - Assignment 5


It’s a relief to be nudged away from a line of photographic enquiry which in truth I felt was going nowhere.  The West Bay idea really was an attempt to make the ‘right kind’ of work but whether it would have been right or not I had little enthusiasm for it.  I daresay I could have extracted something presentable in the end but however it was received elsewhere, in my head it would have been thin and meaningless.

In the report is a link to some work by a former student which I found interesting – here are a couple of pictures to talk about:

Nigel J Haworth Counting Seeds (n.d.)

Nigel J Haworth Counting Seeds (n.d.)

Haworth has used a simple, but pleasingly arranged and lit table-top approach to  “represent different aspects concerned with the day-to-day life of hoping to start a family while struggling against the winding down of the biological clock”  []

Juan Sánchez Cotán - Wikipedia


Juan Sanchez Cotan Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber, 1602

Hanging comestibles up with string was a contemporary method of preservation.  The items were prevented from touching a surface which might lead to decomposition and the air was allowed to circulate all around.  Lots of foodstuffs were stored in this way, most notably cured meats, and chorizo is still produced with string attached today.

Haworth has alternated the quotidian with the emotionally charged in his photographs and there is an element of intrigue introduced by the origami birds.  Allegory, visual metaphor, symbol, analogy, all devices which might be usefully employed in the construction of a photograph with meaning.

As a result of this report and tutorial I will consider alternative approaches to Assignment Five and my process can be followed from around here