Part One – Tutor report and response


Andy Webster - 516057 - Photography 2 The Self and the Other - Assignment 1


I received a full written report for this section which I do appreciate.  I have re-read it a number of times and matched up the observations with my own submission.

I have taken note of the need to ‘loosen up’ composition, leaving plenty of wriggle room around the edge of the subject in order to give cropping leeway later.

Sticking to the same focal length lens in a series chimes in with the importance of maintaining the same orientation.  I will not make the same mistake again!

I do feel the need to ‘animate’ the picture sometimes with additional lighting but I agree that it should be subtle; in one of the photographs it’s rather overwhelming.

The suggestion of setting the camera up straight and level, then moving back aways to allow for slight adjustments later is one that I have adopted in the second assignment.  It’s true I need to pay more attention to this – I seem to be either far too tight or too loose.

On the subject of making the sitter feel confident, I am in complete agreement but at the same time less than proficient.  I do want to appear competent, not to fuss over equipment and to give the impression they’re in safe hands; I hope this ability will develop as my experience broadens.

I am aware that some photographers make no attempt to set their subjects at ease, but this doesn’t really suit my personality.  My aim is to keep all the plates in the air throughout the shoot but not to fret too much if I hit a snag.  With this in mind, I am trying to get as organised as possible equipment-wise and to have a couple of set-ups in mind to fall back on, even if they don’t get used in the final selection.  In this way I’d have something to fall back on (a reassurance rather than a reliance) and a sort of springboard to try something spontaneous.

I would have welcomed the opportunity to spend more time with the clergy but they were all just too busy.  I got the feeling that wasn’t to do with my status either – I don’t think they would have given a ‘name’ photographer much more.

In a saddening footnote I must mention that I suffered a ransomeware attack just after submitting this work.  I refused to pay the $1500 charge to recover more than 25 thousand photographs going back twenty years – every single file irretrievably corrupt. They were spread and duplicated over six individual hard drives and the virus ripped through them all. I must wait for the RSA keys to be seized from the criminals before anything can be recovered and I’m not holding my breath.  So I have started all over again, from February 2020.