C&N Part Two – Reflection on Tutor Feedback

Here’s a condensed version of the Pt 2 report along with my comments and responses:

A much looser and creative approach than the previous assignment which has yielded some
interesting lines of enquiry in terms of practical work. Your writing is focused and analytical
where required, resulting in balanced argument(s) whilst maintaining a sense of humour.
Good work.
Thank you.

The Wind:
An interesting idea, rooted in personal experience, expressed here in a series of images,
some of which speak to each other and others which do not.
What’s working well:  Texture, shape, form, colour, abstraction, atmosphere, mood, metaphor, longer shutter
speeds/motion blur. All of these elements are working well together to convey the feeling/
sense/experience of the wind rushing through the image/person, physically, emotionally.
Slight repetition of seascapes – although I like both images for their different compositions.
I’d chose just one for the final edit.
Print quality is good, colour balance working well, not overly saturated, satin finish to paper
works to good effect. Presentation size is perfect.

What’s not working so well/Areas to improve:
The wider shot of the Harbour Master/flag pole – although evocative of the sound/wind,
doesn’t ‘sit’ well within the set. Almost too much contextual info compared with other more
abstracted images. Agreed – it looks odd
The slight mis-interpretation of the brief has resulted in fewer images per set as created.
Decide on a line of enquiry to pursue and add a few more images to the set (between 7-10). See later comments 

The Shirt:
I like this idea a lot, especially the idea of presenting it as a small hand bound book, creating
a typology of shirts/experiences of those wearing them.
What’s working well:
The composition – spot on, similar crop. maintain this consistency through the set in order for
it to work. The tie needs to be in the same position/size/scale for each image.
Inclusion of enough personal identification in each shot to be of interest – a delicate balance.
Demonstrates independent research/planning/co-ordination with imaginative outcome.
Colour/lighting/tone/focus/finish of prints are very good.
Areas for Improvement:
Shoot more of them.
Would a square crop work to better effect?

The error with the brief led to me doing two assignments where only one was called for.  Having experimented with both I decided to abandon the “Wind” and do the “Shirt” – so I will re-crop to square and ensure that the elements are consistently placed, and shoot the required number.

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity
Engaged, imaginative responses to projects/exercises.
Demonstrates excellent comprehension of differing contexts of Campbell/Smith approach
and the working processes of contemporary photographers.
Poem – varied range of responses, objects. Technically could be improved through use of
similar use of point of view/angle which might lend cohesion to the set. Noted
The contrast/juxtaposition of the ship and the sea works well.

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

Detailed, thorough, critical, well referenced, analytical, humorous, uses a range of sources,
makes balanced arguments, not getting too bogged down in details. Good progress.

Learning Log
Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis
Comments as above apply here also.

Pointers for the next assignment / assessment

Include screen grabs of ideas within assignment work.
Include contact sheets where necessary.
Thanks for the prints, I’ll return later this week.

I need to ‘show my working’ more – and take more photographs.  I keep a rambling Onenote folder with lots of observations, hence the reference to screenshots.  And along with those, contacts of all the images unused.